Friday, March 7, 2008

IR No. 40 - Kreytzen

1741 Grevenitz, 1743 Kreytzen, 1759 Gabelentz, 1777 Erlach

Unit History
The regiment was raised in 1732 in Sachsen-Eisenach. During the Seven Years War, the regiment was engaged at Prague and took part in the halted left wing attack. Success only came when the fight around Rocketnitzer stream was successful.
At Kolin the second battalion, with much courage, took one of the hills. Later in battle on the 18th of June, it was in the second line of the right wing under Bevern where it took heavy losses from combined artillery and cavalry attacks. The unit withdrew to Planjan to hold the way to Nimburg open.
In 1757, the first battalion was captured at Schweidnitz.
At Zorndorf the second battalion supported the Grand Battery on the right flank. The attack of the Russian cavalry General Demiku took the unit in the flank.
After the battle the battalion marched to Mulde fighting at Torgau and Eilenburg.
Marching later in November, it crossed into Vorpommern and began 1759 at Damgarten taking Demmin and Anklam. As part of the Corps in Pommeren, the unit went to Stargard.
At Kay the regiment took heavy losses in the repeated attacks on the Palziger heights. The heavy losses meant that at Kunersdorf, the unit secured the bridges at Görtz.
The unit was on the left flank at Liegnitz and disbanded in the capitulation of 1806.

The unit has one of the more unique flags of the Prussian units as the wreath around the eagle has been replaced by a medallion. As it is a very colourful unit on the table, it has tended to attract fire. As I now have passed that 40th plateau, I thought it only fitting to celebrate by fielding the 40th regiment. The flag is one of the most beautiful GMB Design flags I have seen.

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